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CORSARO is definitely the most innovative product in the industry for the philosophy with which it has been designed and designed, as well as the technology condensation that features a compact design with a compact size. CORSARO revolutionizes the concept of stopwatch and data acquisition system and defines a A new technological step in the industry. With the SEPLA function (Starlane Enhanced Precision Laptiming Algorithm): a time lapse calculation algorithm that allows the highest levels of precision. The CORSARO project has been upgraded to the smallest details, such as the gasket, which does not only perform water sealing function The Starlane Dampening Gasket System (SDGS) elastic, an integrated anti-vibration system in the body, which keeps the internal electronics mounted on the front, which is then completely suspended and, in addition to the elastic fixing of the instrument on the vehicle, So a strong damping of the vibration loads that could otherwise seriously damage any electronic device. The SDGS is an exclusive Starlane system, the result of the mature experience by addressing the most varied issues emerging from the most extreme uses of the products whose focal point installation is durable and reliable over time. As every detail, even the power cable output Of CORSARO has been designed to allow maximum compactness and flexibility of installation. The special silicone cable gland ensures water tightness while maintaining total flexibility and allows you to guide the cable in any direction following the most varied installation requirements. This solution leads to a virtually zero increase in the thickness of the device and is not comparable to the bulky rigid connectors usually used that protrude several centimeters from the back of the instrument creating great constraint in the installation. The Micro USB socket allows you to easily charge the internal battery in cases where the instrument is not powered by the vehicle battery. Specifically for Kart, Scooter and ATV, it only works on vehicles with a maximum travel of 165 km. GPS + GLONASS Double Constellation Stopwatch with Touch Screen, Intertempi - Monochrome Translucent Backlight Display. GPS Speed, Dual Engine Counters. Bluetooth data download. Dual power: With built-in lithium battery or 12V battery BatteryChronometer GPS + GLONASS with Monochrome Touch Screen Display and Bluetooth connection. Specific version for Scooter - Kart - ATV that can only work on vehicles with a maximum speed of 165Kmh. Includes: WID-A K module, CH2OM10 Water Sensor + MAN19 sleeve and RPM inlet and exhaust gas temperature (unloading probe not included). Automatic stopwatch with 1/100 second resolution GPS + GLONASS detection system at 10Hz. With aviation algorithms Real Time Calculation Realistic Calculation and Display of 3 Intermediates Digital Tachometer Indication of GPS Speed ​​Thermometer Water Thermometer Thermocouple K 1000 * Water temperature and thermocouple alarms adjustable * Max reading speed = 32000 max speed = 165 Km / h 102.5 Mph * Flash Offset Sets * Number of RPM Ready Pulses Number * Double Engine Maintenance Counter Bluetooth Data Dissipation 4.0 Memory of 999 Runs in 99 Sessions Memory Cycle Management with Auto Deletion of Older Sessions Maximizing RPM Speed ​​and Speed ​​for Each Lap * Speed ​​indication in Km / I Mph * Decrease Auto Power Save Settable Energy Sources Main Screen Settable Transparent Display Monochrome Backlit 128x64 with Touch Screen Water Resistant Dimensions: 95 mm - alt. 61 mm - Prof. 19.5 mm - weight, 95 g Power supply: Internal lithium battery or 12V from vehicle battery Universal installation Digital DigiRace-MMX software downloadable from Destination site: Scooter-Kart -ATV

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